Bassingbourn, 1942: Americans swamp Cambridgeshire as bomber bases spring up across the county. For Stella Charlton, an aircraft woman in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, it’s a distraction from her own troubles as she listens to swing music drifting from the aircraft hangar.

February 1933: Nancy Wake is a gregarious twenty-year-old looking for adventure. Having fled her unhappy family home in Sydney, she becomes a journalist and is thrilled when she is posted to Paris. The city is glamorous, brimming with journalists, artists, and a growing number of refugees.

Heroes of War

May 1940. The French and British armies are in retreat as Hitler’s blitzkrieg storms through France. Finally, they are beaten back to the coast at Dunkirk, with nowhere left to flee.
Churchill is determined to rescue as many men as possible, for without her army, Britain is sunk.